The core Baseline ruleset aims to emulate life on planet earth in the present day. This is to provide a really easy to understand world, which is useful for casual or first-time RPG players. Expansions can be added to provide additional attributes, races, enemies, weapons, equipment, etc.

Character creation

Base characters are humans and they all have the same three attributes: Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. These attributes are set initially by rolling 4d6 (Four 6 sided dice), removing the lowest value and average the rest, rounded down. After rolling for three stats, assign them to the attributes of your choice.

These three stats all contribute to player health. Whenever a player takes damage they must subtract the damage from stats of their choice, unless told otherwise. If all three stats reach zero, the character is dead.

Game Master Guide

Baseline is mostly a skeleton and a foundation; your role is to guide the players through their adventures and to bring life to the world they are exploring.

When players attempt to perform different actions, decide which stat they would be using for that task and ask them to roll a d20 (20-sided die) and this value is considered their natural roll. Add the stat value to their natural roll for the final result. You decide what a successful result is. As a suggestion anything above a 13 for a moderately difficult task is a good place to start.

Special Rolls

1 - Critical Fail - Player must subtract 1 from a stat.
20 - Critical Success - Player may add 1 to a stat.

Combat Encounters

A turn is what can be accomplished by a character in the span of just a few seconds. Turn order moves clockwise from the player that was involved in the combat initiation. If that player attacked, then all players will have their turns before the enemies. If that player was attacked, then the enemies will go first.

When attacking, a d20 is rolled, if a roll is successful, then the player will roll for the weapon’s attack damage, determined by the weapon itself.

When defending, the lowest stat of the defender is added as a modifier. If the defense roll is greater than or equal to the attacker’s attack role, the defense is successful. A natural 20 on defense is always successful and allows the defender a free counter attack.


The armory is only a suggestion based on common items. The armory consists of equipment and weapons.


Equipment can be armor for head, body or legs, shields, and other accessories. A character may have one of each equipped.


Weapons are rated for distance, stat check and damage dice. Weapons will be one handed or two handed. Weapons that are one handed, may be dual-wielded.


The bestiary is only a suggestion based on common enemies. Enemies will have different levels. For each level the enemy is below the character, subtract the difference from the enemy’s attack and defensive rolls. For each level the enemy is above the character, add the difference to the enemy’s attack and defensive rolls.

Level 1
Name: Classification: Level: Health: Abilities:
Name: Classification: Level: Health: Abilities:
Name: Classification: Level: Health: Abilities:


One of the core mechanics behind Baseline is to be able to flexibly expand the universe.